Evan Barclay


Whether it’s how tall he’s getting, how well he’s reading, or how many animal facts he want to share with you; Evan is constantly showing us how big he is getting. When we take photographs Evan usually puts on a cheese-ball smile or makes a face, but last Sunday we grabbed the camera and among the usual faces and grins was this picture. To me it show how grown up he is becoming.

Eagle in the Snow

Eagle in the Snow

Many Utahns are not aware that our state plays host to many eagles in the winter months, and that the Farmington Bay Wildlife Management Area is one of their favorite spots. The abundance of carp and other food sources can attract up to several hundred Bald Eagles.

This year I went out with the Wasatch Camera Club. It was a fun excursion with a friendly group of photographers. We saw about 20 Bald Eagles, with many being fairly close to our vantage points. The eagles were quite tolerant of the cars, but would move when people got out on foot. Days like today really make you wish for that 800mm lens.

Eagles in the snow

6 Years

Evan and Bodo

It’s amazing how time flys. It’s been nearly 6 years since we went with Jennifer’s family to visit Germany. I happened to be browsing through some old files and stumbled on some of the photographs we took on the trip. This one of Evan and his Grandpa Bodo brought back many fond memories of the trip and the fun times we had.

A New Year, A New Website

Grant BarclayJenn and I recently decided to move our family blog to it’s own domain and begin using this to post our photography related projects. The family and craft blog has moved to barclayclan.com, where you’ll find Jenn’s amazing quilts and craft projects, as well as updates on the kids and our family adventures.